Teen YouTube Star Shares What It Was Like to Discover She Has Type 1 Diabetes

Teenage vlog star, Hannah Sierra, has Type 1 diabetes. She also has her own YouTube channel. It ranges in topics from hair and makeup tutorials and DIY craft projects, to personal stories about her life. In the years she’s been running her channel, she’s gained quite a loyal following. While Hannah’s vlog isn’t typically dedicated to discussing her disease, her fans have asked her to share her diagnosis story.

In the video below, Hannah discusses how she was diagnosed 4 years ago, and what symptoms she experienced that led to the discovery. She describes her reaction to learning her diagnosis, the fears she has for her parents, and the way diabetes has changed her life.

Despite her struggles, Hannah sees the upside of her situation and claims that diabetes has allowed her to meet many new people, to grow as a person, and to create stronger bonds with her family.

Check out the video below to learn more about how one amazing young lady is handling her diagnosis! Way to go Hannah!

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