Breakfast Dishes Around the World to Energize Your Mornings!

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Breakfast in Japan

Healthy, balanced breakfasts are simple and satisfying in Japan. A typical breakfast spread includes miso soup and rice with pickled vegetables, a small portion of heart-healthy fish and a cup of green tea.

Swedish Smorgas

Swedish households often start the day with an open-faced sandwich called a smorgas. Lightly butter two slices of bread, and top with thinly sliced ham or fish, low-fat cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes and a hard-boiled egg.

Vegemite Toast From Australia

A quick breakfast in Australia usually consists of lightly buttered toast, spread with the salty food paste staple known as Vegemite. Try Vegemite toast with sliced avocados and a side of low-fat yogurt with fresh berries to get your day off to a nutrient-rich beginning.

Take a look at this Algerian version of French Toast!

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