8 Worst Sources of Carbohydrates for People with Diabetes

Watching what you eat is crucial to managing diabetes. That being said, people with diabetes don’t necessarily have to follow a special diet — they’re actually recommended the same healthy and well-balanced diet that is suggested to everyone else. Moderation, good judgement, and manageable portion sizes are key.

However, there are some carbohydrates that are particularly troublesome to those watching what they eat. Should diabetics indulge in these foods, they’ll most likely have to be extra mindful of their day’s carb intake. Here are some of the worst sources of carbs — as well as a few healthier substitutes to get you by.

8. High-Carb Beverages

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Unfortunately, if your drink of choice is soda or a Frappuccino blended coffee, you’ll have to cut back. Such high-carb beverages should be avoided, as these types of drinks tend to be rich in sugar without having much nutritional benefit. For someone with diabetes, these drinks can take up the majority of your daily carb intake. If you’re a soda fiend, opt for diet or sugar-free club soda. For a warmer caffeinated beverage, try black coffee, tea, or switch to a smaller-sized nonfat latte.

7. French Fries

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French fries are a starchy, deep-fried American favorite — and they’re also loaded with fat and calories. For a person with diabetes, the high amount of carbs in this dish can lead to a spike in blood sugar. Meanwhile, the high sodium in French fries can wreak havoc on one’s blood pressure, thus posing a double-threat to diabetics. If you’re at a restaurant, swap this side dish and ask for a salad or fruit instead.

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