8 Worst Sources of Carbohydrates for People with Diabetes

6. Chinese Food

Photo: Flickr/jeffreyw
Chinese food — especially if it’s fried — can pose a triple-threat to your health: it’s often high in carbs, high in fat, and high in sodium. The carb content alone can account for most, if not all, of one’s suggested daily intake and raise blood sugar. However, not all your Chinese food options are bad. If you’re eating out or bringing this food home, avoid breaded and fried dishes, as well as the sweet sauces. Go heavy on the veggies, and opt for brown or wild rice instead of white.

5. White Rice

Photo: Pixabay
Speaking of white rice, this dish can increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. White rice is highly processed, meaning that most of the nutritional benefits are stripped from the grains, with only the empty carbs remaining. As previously mentioned, if you’re having rice, opt for brown or wild rice in your recipes. Those options have more fiber, which helps to slow digestion and the absorption of glucose into the blood.

4. Breakfast and Packaged Pastries

Photo: Pixabay
Beware of many pastries due to their high carb, high sugar, and high fat content. Because most pastries are made with refined flour and sugar, they lack fiber and basic nutrients. For a person with diabetes, these foods will raise your blood sugar and increase your carb intake without satisfying your appetite. If you love your bread, opt for a whole-grain English muffin instead.

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