Dancing for Diabetes: A New Program for Spreading Awareness

One of the beautiful things about spreading awareness for a disease is that it can be done through almost any medium. Dance, for example, is a passion many people share that can be molded to accomplish other goals as well–such as helping kids with diabetes stay active, educate their communities, and raise funds to find a cure for their disease.

Dancing for Diabetes started in 2000 as a simple fundraiser, but it has grown with community support into a non-profit organization. It now puts on an annual benefit show and raises money for diabetes awareness and research through merchandise sales and donations. It also funds free dance classes and a recital for children with diabetes.

The creator of Dancing for Diabetes, Elizabeth A. Stein, was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 10. In middle school, she decided she needed to do something about the lack of awareness in her area and started “Dancing for Diabetes” with the help of her school and community. Her old school is now the stage for her annual benefit recital, where several local dance groups perform to raise funds for diabetes research (and awareness while they’re at it!).

Four Dancers Rehearsing

The goal of the program is threefold:

The mission of Dancing for Diabetes is to spread awareness through the art of dance to better educate the community, raise funds to find a cure, and inspire those with diabetes to live healthy and active lives.

Stein says she will continue to run Dancing for Diabetes until a cure is found.

Check out the Dancing for Diabetes website to learn more about the program.

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