6 Tips For Telling Your Date About Diabetes

4. Give them diabetes 101

Things going well so far? Great! As you and your partner grow closer, more about your diabetes will come to light. But make sure they know the basics sooner rather than later. If you’re starting to spend lots of time alone together, they should know the signs of hypo- and hyperglycemia and what to do when it strikes. Show them your diabetes equipment and explain what it does so your partner can get used to it.

The more your partner knows, the less mysterious diabetes will be to them. Plus, you’ll have an extra set of educated eyes in case of a diabetic emergency.

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5. Be clear when you’re not comfortable

As a relationship progresses and you and your partner grow closer, your partner will naturally want to be more helpful and supportive. Take advantage of it! Let them know good dating guidelines, what they can do to support you, and how involved you’d like them to be in management. But remember, it’s your diabetes, so if the suggestions start sounding judgmental or you’re uncomfortable with how much they talk about your diabetes, say so!

When someone’s unsure of what to do, it’s easy for them to overcompensate and overstep. So be kind, but be clear when your partner needs to take a step back. Clear, open communication will set you both up for success long-term.

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6. Don’t apologize for your diabetes

It’s hard when you have to cancel plans because your blood sugar won’t cooperate or when you can’t make an event because it conflicts with an endocrinologist appointment, but those are the casualties in the fight against diabetes. Those things aren’t your fault. And you definitely shouldn’t apologize for having the disease, because no one signs up for diabetes regardless of their type.

If you find you feel like you have to apologize for your diabetes around your new partner, it may be time to have a talk or bid them farewell. You’re amazing just the way you are—find someone who wants to be your biggest fan!

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