Kids Can Learn the Basics of Diabetes from This Simple Puppet Show!

Diabetes can be a struggle for kids to understand. For a child who has diabetes, it’s hard enough to have to check your blood glucose several times a day and eat the appropriate amounts of the appropriate foods at the appropriate times in order to regulate it. It’s even worse when they feel ostracized because their friends and classmates don’t understand what they’re doing or why they have to do it.

Children with diabetes are at risk for depression and other disorders, because the maintenance their condition requires causes stress, but also because their friends and family cause them stress by making them feel like they’re different from other kids. The key to reminding children with diabetes that they can still be cool and have lots of friends is to educate the people around them.

The video below is a puppet show providing an elementary-level explanation of diabetes in a story form so that kids are engaged, entertained, and educated.

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