Top 15 Top-Secret Exercises to Try at Your Desk Without Attracting Attention

10. Arm curls

Use the items on your desk to help you maximize your workout! Pick up a stapler, a ream of paper, your purse or briefcase, a water bottle, or whatever other heavy object you have on your desk to use as a small weight. Do arm curls, shoulder presses, or any other weighted arm exercise you can think of with them! When co-workers pass by, simply pretend to be reorganizing your desk a little (or just tell them the truth–after all, what’s wrong with a little deskercise?).

hand holding dumbbell

9. Invisicrunches

It would be fabulous to be able to do crunches during the day, but who wants to get down on that filthy floor and do them with everyone watching? Instead, do mini-crunches at your desk that no one can see! engage your core and try to pull your chest down close to your knees, but at the same time push down with your arms on your desk or legs to keep your chest and knees apart. If done right, this upper- and lower-body workout can be almost completely invisible to those around you!

8. The Gain in the Neck

Particularly if you’re often tired at work, it will be easy to convince your coworkers that this one isn’t exercise. Place your head in your hands as if exhausted or exasperated. Press your forehead and hands against one another so that their force is cancelled out. You should feel your neck muscles working. If you lift your elbows slightly off the desk for this one, you’ll also get a little arm workout!

Tiring day in the office

7. Toe Tapping

No, we’re not talking about the kind of toe-tapping you do when you’re impatiently waiting for your boss to finally call an end to that super-boring meeting you’ve been dreading all week. This is more in the style of a football drill and is therefore wayyyyy more exciting. Lift your feet off the ground and alternate tapping the toes of each foot on the floor. Think of it like running in place, but seated. Your thighs are sure to feel the burn, and no one will have a clue.

6. Leg curls

Although your range of motion is sure to be limited with a chair beneath you, pull your legs up and back as far as you can get them and hold for a few seconds. Add weight (a small purse, perhaps?) or do more repetitions if you want a better workout.

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