A Year with Diabetes Seen Through One Woman’s Photographs

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age six, Kerri Morrone Sparling writes the highly-acclaimed diabetes blog Six Until Me. Additionally, Sparling finds the time to maintain a YouTube channel. While she believes that people are so much more than just their disease, and therefore frequently posts about random subjects, she often focuses on different aspects of disease management and is very open about her diagnosis.

And we sure are happy she is so willing to share her experiences with diabetes with us!

She openly admits that she is neither a doctor nor a certified professional in a field relating to diabetes. She is simply looking for a medium to share her experience living life with diabetes.

In 2008 she undertook the Diabetes 365 project, taking a picture of her life every day for a year — because, as she puts it, “diabetes is every day.”

Here is Kerri’s inspirational year in photos, Diabetes 365.

Check it out! We think it’s a lovely project and are pretty certain you’ll feel the same way!

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