Mom Shares Brilliant Strategy That Keeps Her Daughter with Diabetes Safe at School

When your child has a chronic illness that requires special care, sending them off to school—or just about anywhere you will not be present—can be nerve-wracking, if not downright scary. Are the teachers aware of diabetes, its symptoms, and its treatments? Will they know what to do in case there is an emergency? And even if the teachers themselves know, what will happen if they are gone and a substitute teacher is in place when something happens?

One mother from Florida, Lauren Rowe, came up with a brilliant solution to these potential issues: she created diabetes boxes for her daughter with type 1, putting together one for each of her daughter’s classrooms.

Facebook/Lauren Rowe
Facebook/Lauren Rowe

The idea behind it is so simple yet so ingenious. You simply take a clear box, fill it with the supplies needed, tape a page to the lid of the box that provides details and instructions, and voila! You have a diabetes box that provides vital supplies as well as information about the child’s needs and condition.

The box can be filled with all sorts of supplies, such as medicine, glucagon pens, test strips, and snacks in case of an emergency.

Facebook/Lauren Rowe
Facebook/Lauren Rowe

While the box Rowe made was specifically designed for her daughter with type 1 diabetes, this idea could be adapted to just about any chronic condition and could also be useful for anyone of any age. One of these boxes could be stored in the car, at the office, all over the house, you name it.

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All in all, it’s a pretty neat idea. Be sure to share it so that others in similar situations can try out this innovative strategy!

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