Life with Diabetes: Day One

When Aspen began losing weight and complaining about feeling tired and sick, her parents were worried, naturally. But they never imagined she might be diagnosed with type one diabetes. A few short hours after her doctor appointment, she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, where it was discovered that her blood sugar was at about 580.

Of course, the scary thing about diabetes is that you don’t just get treatment and get better. The most difficult part of Aspen’s hospital stay for her and her family is learning to make the adjustments that will allow Aspen to manage her disease over the course of her life.

Watch how this little girl and her amazing family survives the first couple of days after her diagnosis. Her mother and father are always there, reading books about diabetes, learning to give shots and to test their daughter’s blood, and filming the whole experience. Her brother and sisters go along to “training day” at the university clinic to learn more about the disease. Even her stuffed sloth sticks with her through the entire ordeal. And someone does something fantastic at the family’s home while they’re gone that might just make you cry!

Undiagnosed diabetes is a scary thing, but there are early warning signs that could save lives. Learn more in the story of a little girl whose family was able to diagnose her with diabetes and save her in time because of another child’s not-so-happy ending.

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