Are You Prepared For A Diabetic Emergency?

29 million Americans have diabetes . That’s about 9.3 percent of the population. What’s even more startling is that 86 million adults (20 or older) have prediabetes. As these numbers continue to grow at an alarming rate, so does the number diabetic emergencies that result in an individual being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

While advances are being made every day in the field of diabetes research, a cure has yet to be found. And while management is easier and more precise than it once was, it still has flaws, and no one is perfect. Further, it’s estimated that 27.8% of people with diabetes, are actually undiagnosed. Often, people only discover they have diabetes because they’re ill, or are already in the midst of a diabetic emergency.

Currently, programs exist all over the country to educate people and raise awareness for diabetes. One hope for these programs is to educate people who do not have diabetes about the potential risk factors, ideally helping them make healthier choices that will allow them to mitigate risk.

Another goal is to educate people who have been diagnosed. To ensure that they’re armed with the knowledge they need to provide the best self-care they can. To have as much information as possible so they can become experts at managing their condition. One essential element of this education lies in being prepared for the worst.

Check out the video below to learn how you can make sure you’re prepared for the worst case scenario.

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