Diabetes = Fatigue

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By Denise Reynolds RD for EmaxHealth.com

Diabetics have many daily challenges, but for most, their top concern is chronic fatigue. Unfortunately, many turn to unhealthy ways to try to combat their feelings of low energy, such as high carbohydrate food or beverages with caffeine. The best way for diabetics to tackle the fatigue that makes it difficult to get through the day is to maintain good self-care and a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetica Research Solutions Inc, a private consumer health product company based in Boca Raton, Florida, commissioned a survey of over 8000 people with diabetes. 85% of the respondents stated that fatigue is their number one daily challenge. To obtain energy, many turn to sugary caffeine-containing beverages such as soda and energy drinks, which rank third behind potato chips and French fries on a recent Harvard School of Public Health weight gain study. Weight gain compounds the health problems that diabetics face and add significant cost to their health care.

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