Got the Munchies? These Diabetic-Friendly, Healthy Snack Choices Won’t Raise Your Blood Sugar!

My personal dieting weakness is snacking. If there are snacks nearby to nibble on throughout the day, I’m definitely going to fill up. And if they aren’t so healthy, well, that doesn’t usually deter me.

What’s worse, is that sometimes I’ll find myself snacking on unhealthy food that’s not even all that appealing to me. From chips to leftover holiday candy, I’ll find myself reaching into the bag more than once simply because it’s there, often because I’m bored.

For years my focus has been on trying to be more conscious of this bad habit, in an effort to curb my distracted eating. And while I maintain that making sure I don’t overeat when I’m snacking, I’ve recently discovered there are some other strategies I can employ to make sure I’m not totally sabotaging my diet.

For starters, prepping snacks in advance can help limit the amount of food I eat between meals. Further, it’ll help me reach for healthy foods, rather than the easiest (and usually least healthy) thing I can find in the kitchen. But what foods are best at satisfying between-meals hunger?

Take a look at the video below to learn about “free foods,” or foods that will have little effect on your blood glucose levels! Enjoy, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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