“Keeping Still Almost Killed Me…”

Our health is often something we take for granted. We have it, it’s there, but unless something terrible happens, a lot of us don’t really think about it. And when we do, it can be confusing and even scary.

For instance, many of us know that taking the time to cook a well balanced meal at home is a lot better for our health than picking up something in a drive-thru on our way home, but the convenience of the latter makes it a whole lot more appealing. And since we don’t immediately feel or see the results of making a less healthy choice, convenience usually wins. The same goes for exercising. If we have the option of skipping that 30 minute walk, in favor of watching our favorite sitcom, a lot of us are likely to opt for the comfort of our couch.

Glenda Ford learned the hard way that these seemingly small choices actually had a HUGE impact on her health. As diabetes symptoms began to creep up on her, she finally got her fasting blood sugar tested and found that it was a staggering 451. She was immediately put on insulin, and thrust into a new world as a person with diabetes, assuming all of the concerns and responsibilities that come with diabetes management. It was confusing, scary, and incredibly overwhelming.

Check out how Glenda learned to understand and manage her diabetes in the video below!

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