10 Funny Diabetes Limericks To Make You Chuckle… We Hope!

Diabetes is tough on a good day. On a bad day, it can pound you into the ground. It’s hard to find reasons to smile about diabetes.

In a somewhat ridiculous effort to brighten your day, we present 10 diabetes limericks that will make you chuckle—we hope! As we’ve said, diabetes is very serious business, but sometimes all you can do is try to smile and find the funny side of things. Enjoy!

1. Well-Intentioned Friends

There once was a man with diabetes
They told him, “You shouldn’t have sweeties!”
But they were so wrong,
He’d brought insulin along!
So he ignored their misguided entreaties!

Photo: AdobeStock/zea_lenanet
Photo: AdobeStock/zea_lenanet

2. Northwest T1

There once was a girl from Seattle,
Who daily fought a brave battle,
Her life could be hell,
Without beta cells,
But each day she got back in the saddle.

Photo: AdobeStock/Scott Griessel
Photo: AdobeStock/Scott Griessel

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