Diabetes Fact or Fiction

If you’ve had diabetes for more than a couple hours, you’ve likely heard a few ridiculous things. Weird, and inaccurate facts and tips about diabetes management. Some of these might be coming from a good place, and others might be trying to project onto you, their own misconceptions about what diabetes is and who has it.

Maybe you’ve been recommended a certain spice that someone is 100% sure they read a story about– noting it’s ability to reverse diabetes. Maybe you’ve been asked if you have the “bad” kind of diabetes. Maybe someone has innocently remarked that you “don’t look diabetic.”

While most of these are coming from a place of concern, the abundant misconceptions surrounding diabetes can be frustrating, and at times, even hurtful. They can make people with diabetes feel judged, confused, and incredibly alone.

In the video below, Mike Lawson, who has type 1 diabetes, teams up with some kids in Nanaimo, BC to dispel some of the ridiculous myths that surround their condition. Take a look as they set the record straight, and show people what it’s really like to have type 1.

Enjoy, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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