How to Manage Your Portions for a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

If your Thanksgiving celebrations are anything like they’ve always been in my home, the majority of the day is spent cooking, feasting, and sleeping off a tryptophan coma. The week of the big day is spent planning out who will bring what, how many pounds your bird should be, and how to maximize space on your stove and oven so each of your dishes are ready and warm at roughly the same time (again, if you’re anything like me, this is typically several hours after you told everyone the meal would be served).

But if you have diabetes, this day likely comes with some additional stress, as you neither want to deny yourself of a feast that comes once a year, nor completely abandon your management plan. And we don’t expect you to! So, we’ve got two words for you: portion control! In the video below, Sharon Howard shares her tips for counting carbs, calories, and paying attention to your portions.

Check it out!

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