This Diabetes-Friendly Gingerbread Cake Is Perfect for the Holidays!

For me, the holiday season is full of some of my favorite goodies! Peppermint hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, egg nog, and of course, gingerbread! It’s hard to resist all of the delicious temptations that are, well, everywhere. People at work are bringing in treats, grocery stores are passing out samples of yummy treats, and everyone is attending holiday parties where seasonal cocktails and delicious appetizers are being passed. It’s hard to say “no” all the time. Plus, there are some traditions that you just don’t want to miss out on.

And you don’t have to. If you love gingerbread, like I do, the recipe in the video below is perfect for you! Registered and licensed dietician, Liz Beechler, shares her delicious recipe for diabetes-friendly gingerbread cake, and I definitely can’t wait to try it! One of the most important parts of continuing to manage your diabetes throughout the holidays lies in choosing the things you really want and consuming them in moderation. I think this recipe just went to the top of my list! Take a look!

Happy Holidays!

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