Thanksgiving Recipe: Diabetes-Friendly Stuffing

We are officially in the holiday season, and you are likely putting the finishing touches on the menus for the feasts to come. You might also be taking mental note of how many carbs are in all of the food being prepared and wondering how exactly you’re going to navigate the season. Well, we’re here to help.

The holidays don’t have to be a time of denying yourself all of your favorite foods. They also don’t have to be a time of overindulging to the extent that you abandon your diet plan altogether. Instead, focus on the importance of moderation. Consider having smaller portions of the foods you love and filling up on veggies and lean protein. Where you can, try subbing in some healthy alternatives to your favorite holiday foods.

In the video below, Registered Dietician, Purvi, offers a great example of a nutritious substitution for classic stuffing. Her gluten-free Quinoa Stuffing looks delicious and easy to make! Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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