Little Girl To Santa: Cure Diabetes

Forget her two front teeth—all eight-year-old Jamee Eger wants for Christmas is for her sister Abbi not to have diabetes anymore. So she wrote to Santa to ask for his help. This is what she wrote:

Dear Santa,
It’s Jamee Eger here. I don’t want any toys this year. All I really want is for my sister not to be diabetic anymore and I don’t want her to have that sad life. So can you please at least try?
Your Sincerely,
Jamee Eger


Jamee’s older sister, 10-year-old Abbi Eger, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in February of 2017. Jamee’s dad, Andrew, saw her letter and showed it to his wife, Julie. “I actually had to take a minute, because even though they are good sisters to each other, they fight like any other sisters. It was very compassionate,” Julie said.

Since Abbi’s diagnosis, the entire family has learned a new way to eat. They eat fewer carbs and less sugar—Andrew Eger has lost 40 pounds and Julie has lost almost that much. Abbi’s diagnosis has been hard on the whole family, but Jamee’s letter was heart-wrenching for her parents to read.

Luckily, Santa wrote back.


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In his letter, Santa writes, “I would love nothing more than to take that [diabetes] away from her. Sadly, that is something that is out of my control and power. As strong as Christmas magic is and as strong as your belief and spirit is, this is just something I cannot do.”

Santa goes on to encourage Jamee that while diabetes is hard, Abbi can still have a happy life. Santa tells Jamee that he knows she and Abbi like gymnastics, video games, going to parades, and going to Disney World. “So even though Abbi may have to take medicine to help her out with what she eats, she still has a very happy and healthy life… especially since she has a sister like you!” Santa writes.


Jamee was pleased to receive Santa’s response, even though he couldn’t fulfill her wish. “It was cool because it was from the North Pole and it’s from Santa,” Jamee said.

We wish that no children (or adults!) had to have diabetes. But we’re with Santa—diabetes doesn’t mean that someone can’t enjoy their life, especially at Christmastime. Santa ends his letter to Jamee by saying, “Always remember to believe a little longer and love a little brighter!” That’s excellent advice, Mr. Kringle!

Watch Abbi and Jamee’s story below!

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