Stocking Stuffers for the Diabetic In Your Life


Christmas is right around the corner, and stockings full of awesome small treats that have been thoughtfully selected to suit the recipient are an excellent way to spread holiday cheer! If you’re close to someone with diabetes, incorporating elements that acknowledge and ease their daily struggle is an excellent way to show support and express your love. Here is our guide to creating the perfect stocking for a friend or loved one with diabetes.

Tasty Treats

People with diabetes don’t have to miss out on all of the delicious treats of the season. Moderation and substitutions are keys to maintaining a diabetic diet throughout the holidays. Instead of loading stockings up with candy and baked goods, try mixing things up with nuts, fruit, and sugar-free candy.

Tip: Adding items with pretty and festive packaging is a great way to keep things in the spirit of the season, and goes a long way to making someone feel special!

Stress Relief

Diabetes takes its toll mentally and physically. Managing the disease can be tedious and exhausting. Acknowledge your friend’s daily struggle by incorporating a few stress relieving elements into their gift. Consider a few items that will help create the perfect relaxing evening. Bath salts, a candle, eye-masks, and tea can all help ease tension and relieve stress.

Tip: If you’re considering gifting tea, research has shown that green tea can have positive effects on glucose metabolism. Learn more, here.

Bonus Elevate your loved one’s tea experience with loose leaf teas. Check out our Leaf Tea Infuser here, for an option that’s simple to use!

Lip balm, pretty soaps, bath oil, and travel lotions all make excellent stuffers.

Tip: Try to mix in everyday items most people use and need, with luxury items recipients want, but might not purchase for themselves.

Bonus Try DIY bath products that offer a personal touch, like this aromatherapy body soap or these beeswax and shea butter lip balms.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a common form of nerve damage experienced by people with diabetes. It is typically felt in the feet first, and often spreads to the hands and arms. Symptoms include pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling in the affected area. Provide comfort and warmth to your loved one with cozy socks or gloves this Christmas. A matching pair of socks and gloves is always a stocking favorite!

Tip: Learn more about peripheral neuropathy and a diet that could help alleviate the pain associated with symptoms, here.

Bonus These Diabetes Awareness Slipper Socks make the perfect addition to a stocking, and are a great way to show support.

Having diabetes is incredibly expensive. Test strips, glucose tabs, and insulin syringes are all small items, that add up quickly. Ease the burden this holiday season, by stuffing a few much-needed supplies into the stocking.

Tip: A small journal for the recipient to track their diet and exercise makes a great gift, and can easily be personalized to match their style.

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Fun items that reflect your loved one’s taste and interests are a great (and carb-free) way to say, “Merry Christmas!” Cute office supplies, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, key chains, unique jewelry, and hair accessories are all pretty things that add a great touch to any stocking.

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