Do You Know the Symptoms of Diabetes?

Skipping annual checkups is pretty common, whether you have diabetes or not. We all have busy schedules and maintaining consistent contact with your health care team can be expensive. Making doctors visits a priority can be difficult.

Further, people are often reluctant to mention when things don’t seem entirely right. Sometimes, symptoms can be confusing, embarrassing, or even frightening, and ignoring them might seem a lot more appealing than trying to figure out if something is truly wrong.

Further, the lack of knowledge about diseases like diabetes often makes it difficult to know when things are serious enough to get medical attention.

It is important to remember that nothing is too small to get checked out if it is something that concerns you. This informative video clearly outlines some early warning signs of diabetes. Things like an increased urge to urinate, blurry vision, and frequently feeling tired can call be signs that it’s time to contact your doctor.

Learn about the warning signs of diabetes by watching the video!

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