Show It Off With Pride: 19 Tattoos From Fellow Diabetics

Whether it’s to alert people of your condition, show pride in successfully managing your disease, or to display solidarity with a friend or family member going through the same experience, one thing is certain: your tattoos are awesome! We love how eager you’ve been to share them with us (You can find even more here and here)! To thank you, we’d like to continue to spread the message. Check out the list below to see our latest installment of diabetes tattoos. As always, we thank you, and ask that you continue to share!

1. Natalie Colling

“I got this about 4 years ago. It is on the bottom of my left wrist. I do not wear jewelry, but I wanted something to notify EMT (if ever needed) when I am out and about with my little girl! Now she is 5 and knows a lot of diabetes!!”

Tattoo 1


2. Lynzee Burnham

Tattoo 2


3. Dusk McNeely

Tattoo 3


4. Jaclyn Jarvis

“Mine is on the side of my left wrist. My disease and a quill (to symbolize writing) are locked in an infinity knot because they will always be a part of who I am.”

Tattoo 4


5. Jeremy Worwood

Tattoo 5


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6. John Korhel

Tattoo 7


7. John Korhel

Tattoo 9


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