Diabetes And Tattoos: 7 Things To Know Before Getting Inked

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3. Healing Time

Your tattoo artist should be able to predict approximately how long it will take a tattoo to heal, but people with diabetes will be slower to heal, so keep that in mind. And because diabetes increases the risk of infection, you want to be hyper-vigilant about following all aftercare procedures to the letter. Don’t skimp on aftercare—if you take care of your tattoo so that it heals properly, you’ll have gorgeous body art to enjoy for your whole life.

4. Get the Numbers in Order

Your blood-sugar should be well-controlled before getting a tattoo. If you’re going through a period with lots of fluctuations, wait. High blood sugar can make the healing process longer and more difficult and increase the risk of infection.

5. Bring a Snack

You probably have snacks on hand at all times, right? Blood pressure and blood sugar can rise during the tattooing process, but because you are sitting still in a chair for a long time, you could also experience a low. Be sure to talk to the artist before your first session about how long things will take and explain that you may need a break to check your levels or have a snack. If they can’t live with that, they probably shouldn’t be the artist you choose.

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