All Inked Up: 5 Diabetes Tattoos You Need To See!

You probably know this by now, but we love your diabetes tattoos!

Whether they’re medical alert tattoos, showing support, or simply showing pride in the condition you’re so admirably managing every single day… one thing is for sure, they’re awesome! aaq

Tattoos are a way for people with diabetes to redefine their condition and uniquely identify with the diabetes community. Tattoos can be a way to start a real conversation about what it means to live with diabetes and about all the things that people with diabetes can do. They’re a symbol of who you are and what you’re fighting every day.

To show you just how much we appreciate you sharing your incredible ink, we’ve compiled another list of your amazing tattoos!

Take a look at the five below, and be sure to let us know which one is your favorite!


#5. Submitted by Brian Coughlin




#4. Submitted by Tiffany Campbell-Wilbur


My tattoo for my son Jayden Wilbur. He’s almost 10yrs old. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes four months before his 2nd birthday. Jayden is my inspiration, my hero. He has come so far with managing his diabetes. Jayden you are my world I love you more then you will ever know.”


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