Thanksgiving Recipe: Diabetes-Friendly Roasted Turkey

Whether it’s the first Thanksgiving dinner you’re preparing or your 50th, you likely have some recipes that are tried and true favorites. For me, it’s a recipe for cranberry sauce that I stumbled upon after neglecting to serve the gelatinous red stuff with the first Thanksgiving dinner I hosted. My father was (jokingly) outraged by the oversight, as “cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving tradition.” He didn’t stop talking about it until the following Thanksgiving when I was sure to have plenty of it, successfully restoring the tradition. Now, because of the joke, I plan to serve that at every Thanksgiving dinner I make, regardless of whether my father and I can celebrate together.

For Dr. Sybil Kramer, this is her roasted turkey. In the video below, she makes the recipe her mother made throughout her childhood. The best part? It’s diabetes-friendly!

Take a look!

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