I Would Have Never Guessed These Pro Athletes Have Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that shapes your whole life. From checking your blood sugar to counting carbs and giving yourself insulin, diabetes can, in many ways, dictate how you live your life. It’s time consuming, demanding (often at incredibly inconvenient moments), and so many things can affect it that wouldn’t occur to people who don’t live with it.

One of the things that can impact your numbers that most people do without any consideration is exercise. In fact, if you’re going to be active, there are a lot of things to take into account before, during, and after. What did you eat? What is the best thing to eat? When was the last time you tested? What’s your blood glucose number?

It can definitely be an obstacle.

But that doesn’t mean that diabetes should hold you back or prevent you from being active. If you have diabetes, you can typically do all of the same things a person who doesn’t have diabetes can do. It might just take a little bit of additional thought.

In fact, some of sports most admired figures deal with diabetes on a daily basis too. They haven’t let diabetes stop them from achieving their dreams, and neither should you!

Patrick Peterson

During the 2014 season, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson developed diabetes.

“It was a situation that it occurred during the season. The team docs found it and got it all under wraps,” Peterson said to AZ Central. “No question it made a big difference and once they found out what the problem was, they put their hands around the throat, wrangled it and we moved forward from it.”

His condition is now under control, and there’s no expectation that diabetes will impact Peterson’s performance on the field for the 2015 season.

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