How to Safely Get a Tattoo If You Have Diabetes

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If you’re set on getting your tattoo right away and don’t want to wait for the kinks to be ironed out of color-changing tats, we understand. Go ahead and get one! But which tattoo should you choose? Let us make some recommendations:

Whatever tattoo you like is fine, of course. It doesn’t have to be related to your diabetes. But if you get the right tattoo in the right place, it could play a role in saving your life:

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Medical alert tattoos can let medical professionals know how they can best help you if you’re not in a condition to be able to tell them yourself–especially if you don’t have a medical alert bracelet or aren’t good about wearing it all the time. The generally accepted placement for a medical alert tattoo is on the right wrist, but you could also put one on your neck above your carotid artery so that when an EMT checks for your pulse, it will be quickly noticed.

Just make sure the tattoo design you choose makes your condition fairly evident. A general medical symbol, such as the caduceus or the Rod of Asclepius might be good to include, but make sure some other element of the tattoo would tell a medic what your specific health condition is. You could get the gray diabetes ribbon or the blue diabetes circle. And remember, when in doubt, the word “diabetes” itself is a fine option to clear up any ambiguity.

Check out some amazing diabetes tattoo ideas here.

Do you have a tattoo for your diabetes? Comment below and add a photo!

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