Diabetic Teen Says TSA Needs To Be Educated

Airports can be incredibly stressful. Going through security… the lines… finding the right gate. But if you have diabetes, you’ve likely already had to do a great deal more in the planning department than most people. But there are some things you might not know you need to be prepared for.

This is the situation that Savannah Barry, a teen with type 1 diabetes, found herself in.

If you’ve ever been stopped at the airport for having an insulin pump, you’ll know how she felt during her recent encounter with TSA. When asked to walk through the full body x-ray machine, she put her faith in the agents, assuming they knew more about the scanner than she did. Unfortunately, it caused her pump to break.

Most people, even those who have diabetes, have no idea that their pumps should never go through any sort of x-ray machine, as they can seriously damage their devices. I know I didn’t.

Check out the video where Savannah talks about her experience, and the need for TSA agents to be educated on diabetes and other disabilities. This smart and thoughtful young lady wants to make sure no one else goes through what she did!

Take a look, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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