A Dozen Things People with Diabetes Wish You Wouldn’t Say

Ever have one of those days when everybody you run into seems to think they know everything? And of course, it’s particularly obnoxious when they actually have no idea what they’re talking about–especially if you happen to be an expert on the subject. Like if, for example, you have had diabetes for years and someone without diabetes finds out about it.

What is it about topics like this that makes people believe they have all the answers? We can’t figure it out either.

What are your top diabetes-related pet peeves? What do you wish other people would just stop saying to you? Reddit users share their answers below. You can share yours in the comments!

NOTE: Some comments are edited for length, profanity, or grammar.

1. Isn’t that bad for you?

“Mine is ‘Can you eat that? Isn’t that bad for you?’ I will eat all the dark chocolate I want and love every piece of it.” —Reddit user KarlHol

Woman Eating Chocolate In Bed At Home

2. It’s your own fault

“‘Maybe you shouldn’t have eaten so much sweets when you were younger.’ I have Type 1.” —Reddit user duke1700

Die Versuchung :-)

3. Have you tried…?

“‘Have you tried replacing [x food I really enjoy] with [y food that is gross and disgusting]? It’s supposed to do good things for your blood sugar!'” —Reddit user Micchi

Kind mit Gemse

4. It could be worse

“It could be worse lectures don’t always help. It is a way for others to minimize the issue so it feels less scary than it is, but that doesn’t help heal the pain you are feeling. Instead it can make it feel like you shouldn’t feel that pain, anxiety or fear but those are normal appropriate and reasonable reactions to this situation.” —Reddit user KarlHol

young woman is frustrated

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