I Don’t Care If She’s Exaggerating — These Dumb Things People Say to Diabetics Are Hilarious!

It never seems to fail that when someone hears you have diabetes, you hear the same assumptions every time: “You can’t have sugar anymore.” “I thought only heavy people got diabetes?” or “I thought only old people got diabetes?”

If you’ve heard these comments before, you’re not alone. It can be incredibly frustrating, making living with diabetes even more difficult. Well, Type 1 vlogger and makeup artist, Lex, has decided that some of these statements are just dumb enough to laugh at, so that’s what she’s doing… laughing and helping others do the same.

Watch Lex’s hilarious video where she describes the outrageous comments and questions people say to her when they find out she has diabetes. She proves that diabetics can live normally, and shows the importance of raising diabetes education and awareness.

What ridiculous things have people said to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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