Easing the Panic of a Low Blood Sugar Episode

The highs and lows of blood sugar can be nerve wracking. When you’re high or low, you simply don’t feel like yourself. People describe feelings of sluggishness, feeling dazed, confused, lethargic, and even drunk. Some people equate it to a suffocating, stifling feeling, while others compare it to being underwater. Everyone’s different, and symptoms can even vary for individuals.

For type 1 Kerri Spalding of the diabetes blog, “Six Until Me,” her symptoms have changed a lot through her life. From her mouth going numb as a child, to sneezing when she was low for a period of time in college, she’s experienced a lot of different symptoms. And while her current symptoms might change, for now, they are what they are, which is nothing. She literally can’t feel when she’s low!

And while that spares her the discomfort of a low, it can also be really scary when she sees her meter and realizes, suddenly, she’s low. At this point, panic sets in. And with panic comes the urge to over-treat her low blood sugar episode. And we all know how bad that can be.

Take a look at the video below to find out how Kerry keeps herself from panicking when she finds out she’s in the middle of a low blood sugar episode! Her tips definitely helps! So check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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