A New Prosthetic That Costs 100 Times Less Than Current Ones? It May Be Happening!

19 year old Easton Lachappelle is a pretty exciting guy. A NASA employee while still in his teens, he also taught himself robotics (I can’t even teach myself geometry!), and has recently developed a new prosthetic limb that is created using 3D printers, and comes in at around $1,000! Considering the price tag on most prosthetics, some coming in at nearly $100,000, this new way of creating and developing limbs has huge connotations for all, especially the diabetic community, where the loss of a foot or a leg is a very real threat. Lachappelle is still tweaking his designs, and even released his schematics for free so others can iterate on his design. However, the progress is staggering, and gives a great glimpse at what the future might hold!

Take a look at his incredible design!

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