Amazing 8-Year-Old, Ellen Jourdan, Walks Us Through Changing Her OmniPod®

Who remembers what it was like to be 8 years old? I think my biggest responsibility was feeding my goldfish every day (rest in peace, Goldilocks) and the greatest challenges I faced in life included multiplication and surviving my first sleepover without calling my parents to come pick me up. However, if you were a child who grew up with diabetes, your experience, in some ways at least, probably looked a little different.

Ellen Jourdan’s grandmother, Debra, shared an absolutely adorable video with us, and we are so excited to share it with you! In it, 8-year-old Ellen walks us through the process of changing her OmniPod® and even offers some helpful pro-tips along the way. We are so impressed by Ellen’s courage, maturity, and sweet sense of humor, and can see why her family is so proud of her!

The OmniPod® delivers continuous insulin without the annoyance of tubes or daily injections. We know that having diabetes won’t be convenient until there’s a cure, but watching little Ellen’s great attitude and expert advice makes disease management seem more doable. Thanks Ellen!

Check it out below!

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