Diabetes and Emotional Eating

Having diabetes is typically accompanied by a lot of worry about food– what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat it. Regardless of type, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on diet, carbs, sugar… the list goes on. Ultimately, people with diabetes typically spend more time than the average person thinking and talking about food.

It can be exhausting.

Constantly focusing on your numbers, how certain food will make you feel, what foods are best for you depending upon how you feel… it can feel like food dictates much of your life. And all of that thought can make it difficult to feel like you’re the one in control.

Instead, it can feel like food is in control. Like you daily goals are to simply resist all of the foods you love the most, and to treat highs and lows. Rather than focusing on all of the delicious foods you can have or the way food can nourish your body, the primary focus becomes an exercise of willpower.

But your relationship with food doesn’t have to be this way. In the video below, Ginger, who has type 1 diabetes, shares her opinion on food. For her, it’s about taking control so that food is no longer the enemy. Take a look!

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