Eric O’Grey Was Lonely and Struggling with Type 2 Diabetes… Until He Met His Best Friend

Eric O’Grey would be the first one to tell you that he wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. He’d tell you that he couldn’t maintain friendships, that he didn’t like leaving his home, and that he struggled with even the most minimal of physical activity.

Eric O’Grey would tell you that he wasn’t enjoying his life. He suffered from Type 2 diabetes, and was spending thousands of dollars each month on various medications. His physical and emotional health were in bad shape, and he realized he needed to make a change.

Today, down 140 pounds, Eric is a long-distance runner who is getting the most out of his life! He’s cultivating new friendships, feeling confident, and speaking out about nutrition and the importance of becoming the person you want to be. What made this life-saving transformation possible? A shelter dog named Peety. This is the story of Eric and Peety and how they saved each other:

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