“My CGM Thinks I’m Dead” and 8 Other Things You Can Probably Relate To

Continuous glucose monitors, often called CGMs, are a fascinating and helpful invention that has drastically reduced the need for people with diabetes to prick their fingers several times a day. But it’s important to remember that your CGM doesn’t know everything. And if it’s not working correctly, it may not know anything.

Reddit user badgerpapa submitted a photo capable of making hearts skip a beat. The image was of a CGM and a traditional glucose meter displaying very different readings, one of which implied that the user was dead. “Remember to verify weird numbers,” bagerpapa writes.

Below, several Redditors share their early experiences with learning to work with their continuous glucose monitors and learning that CGMs aren’t always right. We’re sharing their comments with you as a valuable reminder that CGMs don’t know everything and to let you know that you’re not alone if you’re struggling to make yours work for you.

(NOTE: Some comments have been edited for length or grammar errors.)

Dying every night.

“My Dex tells me I’m dying every night, but I can’t go back to sleep unless I verify. So, I angrily make my way to the kitchen every night at like 4 am to check, and it’s usually always 90-100.” —Reddit user bykobbackwardsnu

Woman suffering from insomnia

A few minutes ahead.

“Normally my Dexcom is a few minutes ahead of a finger prick. My CGM said I was 4.5, finger prick said 5.3, so I can usually treat before I get too low.” —Reddit user lalalindz22

Innacurate readings.

“It was constantly giving me inaccurate/false readings and I ended up testing manually almost twice as much as I had before I started with it which completely defeated the purpose.” —Reddit user Jwast

“Another thing attached.”

“I get great results with my CGM, but, well, I still hate wearing it. My control is way better when I do, but I still don’t like having ANOTHER thing attached.” —Reddit user ABLA7

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