“My CGM Thinks I’m Dead” and 8 Other Things You Can Probably Relate To

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It can mess with your head.

“It can give you a false sense of how quickly your body will respond to insulin. It’s very frustrating seeing that your sugar is high, doing insulin, and then watching it not change (or keep going up) for some time after that. You just don’t know if you’re doing finger sticks, but watching that graph on the CGM is just a huge incitement (for me, anyway) to do more insulin. I got myself in trouble a couple times when I was first wearing the CGM doing that.” —Reddit user Gibonius

It’s always there.

“I’ve heard people complain that the CGM enabled them to over fixate on their BG possibly to the detriment of other things that require focus. I felt that a little myself—I probably looked at the CGM every 15 minutes for a couple weeks—but after a little while the novelty wore off and it’s no longer my primary focus.” —Reddit user badgerpapa

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Incessant beeping.

“The thing literally cost me sleep from incessantly beeping in the middle of the night to be calibrated or because it thought I was having a high or low. I would get verbally angry at it for beeping at odd hours of the day.” —Reddit user flaagan

I would probably panic without it.

“The first few days, I hated it. Loathed it. I threw it down the stairs and stomped on it (for real). Then I learned that I was calibrating it incorrectly, and it suddenly became perfect, and I would probably panic without it.” —Reddit user rdmhat

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The most important takeaway here is that checking the numbers on your CGM may not be enough to ensure you’re staying within your target range. If your numbers don’t make sense, you should do a regular finger-prick test to double-check. Minor errors may be no big deal, but if you’re consistently getting incorrect readings, it is well worth looking into getting your CGM fixed or replaced. At least talk to your doctor to see if what you’re experiencing is normal. There’s no use in having a CGM if it isn’t giving you accurate readings.

If you’re just having trouble adjusting to life with a pump, we hope these stories have helped you realize you’re not alone in the struggle. As more people start using CGMs and better technology comes out, we believe the issue will get continually better. Hang in there!

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