5 Tips for Staying Positive While Managing Your Diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis is a hard pill to swallow. It takes constant effort, management, and often times, more self control than we think we have. And just when you think you’re finally accepting your diabetes and are managing it pretty flawlessly, you have a bad day that leaves you feeling out of control and helpless. It might even feel as though no matter how long you have diabetes, it will always be difficult… it will always feel like a chore.

Take it from Diabetic Danica who has Type 1 diabetes: despite the many years she’s been working to control her diabetes, she has bad days– days when management feels too difficult. But she doesn’t allow herself to be discouraged for too long. Instead, she finds ways to encourage herself, and stay motivated.

Take a look at the video below and learn Danica’s way of motivating herself to stay positive and continue to manage her diabetes to the best of her ability!

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