The Five Senses of Diabetes

Diabetes is a nuanced condition to manage. There are so many different things to consider, and a plethora of things that are unique to the individual. However, there are some universal aspects of diabetes management that are familiar to most people who have lived with the condition for a considerable length of time… certain things that hit their senses and remind them, “Oh yeah. This is diabetes.”

In the video below, people of all ages, from all around the world describe how diabetes affects all of their senses. For example, one person notes how when you have diabetes your taste is affected. How? Well, because “There’s no eating. There’s only math problems.” Other describe the smell. Because name a person who has smelled insulin and doesn’t know exactly what that smell is like!? It’s unforgettable!

Take a look at the video to see the other sights, sounds, feelings, tastes, and smells of diabetes. It’s both humorous and heartwarming. We love it, and are pretty sure you’ll enjoy it, too! Enjoy, “Making Sense of Diabetes,” brought to us by Diabetes Hands Foundation!

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