ATTENTION DIABETICS: You Can Eat Healthy Without Sacrificing Flavor! Here’s How…

Have you heard of the Glucose Chef? Do you know about chia seeds? Did you know that you can substitute applesauce for sugar in baked goods? There are some handy tips out there to help you stay healthy and manage your blood sugar without losing flavor and we’ve got the inside scoop!

Here’s how to cut calories and keep the flavor in your cooking!


Baking Hacks

Did you know that you can substitute unsweetened applesauce for sugar in baking? You absolutely can! The trick is that, because applesauce contains so much liquid, you need to decrease the amount of wet ingredients in your recipes. And the beauty is, using applesauce instead of sugar keeps your food sweet but uses natural sugar to do so, leaving you with a delicious apple-y twist on your favorite desserts. You can find more baking hacks here, like how to use coconut oil and how to cut down on butter!



Chia seeds are like little jell-o aliens when you put them in water. They are hydrophilic allowing them to absorb tons of water and create a gelatinous coating around the seed itself. Cool, huh! Studies have shown that chia seeds can lower blood pressure, which can exacerbate many conditions caused by diabetes. Although they don’t have a very strong flavor on their own, chia seeds can be added to your favorite dishes to increase volume and nutrients, leaving plenty of room for your favorite flavors!

The Glucose Chef Keeps it delicious

Meet the Glucose Chef. He has diabetes and a YouTube cooking channel that will amaze you. In his quest for a healthy diet, he refused to sacrifice flavor. His recipes are crazy-delicious and he gives you his glucose score from before and after eating his own dishes!

His trick? Using whole foods and raw ingredients that are full of flavor but low in sodium and sugar. He masterfully utilizes herbs and spices to add life to healthier ingredients. The Glucose Chef’s recipes turn healthy food into comfort food. All you have to do is a little extra planning and preparation!

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Which is your favorite way to save your flavor?

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