7 Toxic Food Myths Debunked

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3. Eggs Are Bad for Your Heart

Eggs clog your arteries! Eggs cause heart attacks!

Eh, not so fast.

Let’s start here: the American Heart Association recommends that you limit your cholesterol intake to less than 300 milligrams daily. And just how many milligrams does one egg yolk contain?



In other words, an egg a day isn’t so bad. It’s the consistent intake of three-egg omelettes that are much more harmful, or the addition of other foods high in cholesterol after the consumption of that one glorious egg.

Move forward with this: eggs are bad for your heart if you make them bad for your heart.

4. Microwaves Zap the Nutrients from Your Food


Because of the radiation a microwave emits, this has to be true, right? IT HAS TO BE!

Not necessarily.

While a microwave oven certainly does alter the chemistry of your food, so does any other method of cooking, from a conventional oven to a charcoal grill. Nutrients are lost no matter what. And that’s precisely where this myth stems from.

Studies have shown that when heating breast milk in a microwave for six minutes, 30% to 40% of the milk’s vitamin B12 is lost…something that would take 25 to 30 minutes under conventional heat.

The curse is also seen as the gift, however. Because microwaves generally take less time to heat up your food, arguments have been made that less nutrients are lost.

Bottom line: while microwaves may take away certain nutrients from your food, they do not zap it any more than other methods of cooking do.

5. Fat-Free Food Leads to a Thin Body


Please, please, please, if you take anything away from this list, let it be this: you need to eat fats. Fats are natural, fats are good, fats promote optimum brain function, and skin function, and organ function. FATS, FATS, FATS!

So don’t rely on the fat-free label you see on countless products in the supermarket. Search instead for healthier fats typically found in fish, olives, nuts, and avocados.


G.D. resides in West Michigan. When he isn’t writing (or editing), you can find him outside, riding a bike, reading a book, or just plain running. Other interests include sports (of any kind), music (again, any kind) and cinema (a bit pickier here).
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