These Parents Are Bringing Fruit Gummies To Court — And For Good Reason!

A class action suit is demanding the company behind Welch’s Fruit Snacks change their marketing tactics. The gummies, a kid favorite, currently come in brightly colored packaging, plastered with pictures of fresh fruit, boasting phrases like, “Made with REAL fruit.” The label clearly attempts to brand the product as a healthy and wholesome snack full of vitamins, and free of icky things like preservatives, gluten, and FAT.

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However, allegations against the company suggest sweeteners are two of the top three ingredients, and the gummies actually contain no dietary fiber — a primary element of natural fruit. Additionally, while the fruit snacks appear to be made by Welch’s, who proudly state that they are “Family Farmer Owned,” they are actually produced by a company called Promotion in Motion, which licenses the name from Welch’s. Stephen Gardner, attorney for the plaintiff, notes the importance of consumers understanding what they’re purchasing.

“Welch’s is liable for what goes out with its name. Consumers think they are buying a Welch’s product, not something from an outfit they’ve never heard of.”
-Stephen Gardner

Reps from Promotion in Motion issued a statement saying that fruit is, in fact, the first ingredient in their product, though not necessarily in the form of whole fruit, but rather, a juice or puree. However, the complaint provides that the empty-calorie fruit juice is from a concentrate that nowhere near resembles the fresh fruits portrayed on the packaging. Moreover, the fruits on certain packages don’t actually depict the fruit juices used in the product. Finally, while the fruit snacks do contain vitamins, as the packaging suggests, it does not come from the fruit concentrate, but from synthetic vitamins, which do not provide the same health benefits.

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Ultimately, parents want to know what their children are eating. They want their children to be empowered to make informed decisions about what they consume when they aren’t around. Marketing candy to them under the guise of a healthy snack made with REAL fruit robs them of this ability.

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