10 Funny Real-Life Diabetes Stories, Told by the People Who Lived Them

8. Catching the diabetes

“My Daughter is 4. So I am lying in bed, my insulin pens are down on the coffee table, and I just woke up. It is my vacation, and I don’t want to get out of bed even to treat the little bit of high blood sugar I have because [expletive] diabetes, I am on vacation and I just want to relax. So my daughter is awake and I ask her if she would please go get me my insulin from the coffee table. Her response: ‘Sure dad! What’s a matter? Did you catch the diabetes again?’ And now for some reason when someone comes over to the house, the first thing she tells them is, ‘My dad is sick with the diabetes, but it is ok after the needle.’ I love her.” —Reddit user DrizztDoUrdenZ

Photo: Adobe Stock/goodluz
Photo: Adobe Stock/goodluz

7. A trippy kayak trip

“A kayak trip that was supposed to last an hour ended up being more like 3 hours, and I didn’t bring enough juice to compensate for the extra unexpected exercise. We are in the middle of nowhere, and I am starting to panic because my blood sugar is dropping. Soon after, we come across a couple in a canoe with a huge cooler in the middle. I explained the situation and asked for food. They let me climb in their canoe and eat a bunch of their food and told me all about their diabetic cat. It was AWESOME!” —Reddit user hurricaneheta

Photo: Adobe Stock/ismotionprem
Photo: Adobe Stock/ismotionprem

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