Our COVID-19 Response: How We’re Supporting Frontline Workers At Revolution Foods

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people everywhere are uncertain about the future of their health, safety, and economic security. A significant concern for many people is affording to buy food or accessing services that provide food.

We at GreaterGood are dedicated to assisting in COVID-19 relief efforts in multiple ways. As always, we’re continuing to support our flagship programs that help people, pets, and the planet, but we’ve made it our top priority to support the people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and those fighting on the front lines.

One way we’re doing this is by creating and donating masks. Our original goal was to donate at least one million masks to those on the frontlines with our Mask a Million Challenge. Now we’ve surpassed that goal, but we’re not stopping there. With your help, we hope to mask a million more!

Photo: Courtesy of Revolution Foods

We’re working with our apparel suppliers to retool production plans so they can create high-quality, medical grade KN95 and N95 masks. All of the masks meet hospital requirements and two million masks are being gifted to frontline COVID-19 care and relief workers.

One incredible company we’ve donated masks to is Revolution Foods, which is providing nutritious meals to students who are out of school, families in need, and citywide programs.

Photo: Courtesy of Revolution Foods

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Before the pandemic, Revolution Foods was providing communities and students with nutritious meals. Their mission is to empower children to make better, healthier choices by introducing nutritious school meals at a young age.

Since the pandemic began, Revolution Foods has continued to provide meals to their previous partners and even expanded their efforts. In the short time since the crisis began affecting the U.S., they have produced and distributed millions of meals in hundreds of US cities. In fact, they are serving more meals now than they were before the crisis, well beyond their normal volume. They partner with a variety of programs, schools, and cities to get their nutritious meals into the hands of people who need them.

Photo: Instagram/Revolution Foods

For just a glimpse of the profound impact this company has, take, for example, a single week in April. In that one week, they served more than 10,000 daily breakfast, lunch, and supper meals to a partner in West Contra Costa County, CA. Working with World Central Kitchen, they served 100,000 more meals than the week before to communities in Detroit, Baltimore and California. They served 6,000 meals per day to the emergency operations team of the City of San Jose, with plans to up the number of meals tenfold in the coming weeks. In partnership with Compass Group, they expanded beyond West Virginia, where they served 200,000 healthy family meals in multi day “kits” every week, to include distribution to Stamford, CT, and Lynn, MA. And those are just some of the partners they worked with that week!

Photo: Courtesy of Revolution Foods

Supporting the work of organizations like Revolution Foods helps thousands of people avoid hunger and stay healthy and safe during this crisis. Every mask that protects a frontline worker from illness allows them to offer relief and care to hundreds of other people.

You can help people on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and help us fund more medical masks by purchasing items from our online stores, which helps fund even more medical masks. Shop for masks for yourself and look for the “Give a Mask” symbol, letting you know a purchase of that product also triggers a mask donation!

You can also click the button on each of our Click to Give sites daily to trigger a donation from our sponsors to help people, pets, and the planet. During the pandemic, we’re increasing the number of times you can click up to eight times a day (once every three hours) per site. Every additional click will fund disaster relief efforts like donating supplies for overburdened animal shelters, protective gear for front line healthcare workers, and food for those who are struggling. Below are the links to each of our click-to-give sites.

Please also check out our COVID-19 response page to see how we’re helping during the pandemic and visit our Mask a Million page to learn more about our mask donation project and some ways you can help.

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