This Goes to Show: Everyone Needs to Know What Diabetic Shock Is

This June, 9-year-old Isabelle Soubie saved her grandfather’s life when he went into diabetic shock and passed out. Unable to reach her mother due to the passcode lock on her grandpa’s phone, Isabelle was left to dial 911.

Despite being understandably frightened, the young girl remained calm, and gave the dispatcher enough information to get her grandfather the help he needed, and even waited at the door to let paramedics in when they arrived.

Two months later, the town of Overland Park, Kansas honored Isabelle, calling her a hero and applauding her courage under pressure.

Check out the smart and adorable Isabelle being presented a medal in the video below! It’s truly one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a long time!

Interested in seeing another young hero? Check out the story of how 5-year-old Aydhun Byars saved his mother’s life, here.

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