This Low-Carb Pizza Is Making Me Drool!

The Glucose Chef has been diabetic since he was 25 years-old. When he was diagnosed, he feared he would never again be able to enjoy a delicious meal. He feared that changing his diet would mean cutting out everything he loves, and constantly having to deny his cravings. 

His solution? 

After years of eating packaged and processed foods, he learned how to cook delicious meals that are actually healthy. Now he has his own cooking channel on YouTube specifically for people with diabetes.

On his channel, The Glucose Chef consistently features foods that are great for people with diabetes. Further, offers a lot of tips and tricks for incorporating these healthy foods into your very own recipes, so you can adapt your favorite foods to be diabetes-friendly!

Taking it one step further, he even shows his audience his glucose levels before and after the meal to inspire people to try his healthy recipes! His food looks so delicious and his recipes look super easy to make!

Watch this episode where he shows us how to make a low-carb, diabetes-friendly pizza!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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