What’s Your Go-To Food When You’re Having a Low?

Low blood sugar isn’t exactly something to get excited about, but there is occasionally an upside to it, a silver lining on a dark cloud. One of the happy parts of having diabetes and battling low blood sugar is getting to eat that favorite sweet treat of yours that you don’t allow yourself to have except when you’re low.

Below are some of the foods Reddit users say they love to indulge in when they’re experiencing a low. Check out the Reddit thread to see other users’ comments (it seems peanut butter is the winning go-to food–perhaps because of its portability) and let us know whether you share the same food cravings or have something to add!

Note: Some comments have been edited for length and grammar.


“Everything is great when your sugar is low. I once made a sandwich with peanut butter and brown sugar. It was awesome!” —Reddit user PhiliusTheGreat

peanut butter background

Coke or Peanut Butter

“Full-calorie Coca-Cola. Also peanut butter is like crack when I’m low. So delicious.” —Reddit user face-paint


“I’ve never been one to eat a big breakfast, so I sometimes get lows around lunchtime. I always keep some Nutella with me, and I almost look forward to getting a bit low. Just enough to need some Nutella, but not enough to make me feel sick….” —Reddit user larkhills


“Three Musketeers.” —Reddit user Jawshee_pdx

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