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Life with diabetes is tough, especially if you’re insulin dependent. For some, however, their diagnosis comes earlier than it does for others. Grace Chamberlain was only 9 years old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The New York Times recently ran a piece on Grace and her mother that is particularly striking in terms of showing the realities of living with type 1.

In the following video, you will see how Grace and her mother have to constantly keep up with blood glucose tests (even in the middle of the night) in this “day-in-the-life” style documentary short.

The title of the piece, “Midnight Three and Six” refers to the times during the night that Grace’s blood sugar needs to be checked. If she doesn’t check her blood glucose levels periodically throughout the night, she could find herself in grave danger. As someone who does not produce any insulin, Grace could die within minutes if her blood sugar is out of sync.

As discussed in the short, Grace has seen several of her peers pass away from diabetes. It is a hard life and she is constantly reminded or her own mortality as she makes her way through high school.

You should really watch this, it’s so insightful.

Through Grace’s story there is hope. An artificial pancreas has been created, a device that lives outside the body, but could help add a sense of regularity to the lives of those with diabetes. The Diabetes Site has created a petition to help fast track the new technology of the artificial pancreas to get it in to the hands of the public faster.

This petition asks the FDA Medical Devices Advisory Committee to prioritize the review and approval process once the bionic pancreas is submitted. You can help the creators of this device to get the artificial pancreas to market by 2017!

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